Meb Landcaping Maintenance

    Regardless of your lawn’s size or design, maintenance can be time consuming and costly. Fortunately, MEB Landscaping has an annual grounds maintenance program that takes the worry and hassle out of caring for your property — and, because our crews are well-trained, efficient, and have the right tools for the job, we are also very cost-effective.

    We have programs that include weekly lawn cutting, trimming and blowing off patios and walkways, as well as those that include weed control and other prescriptive measure.

    Fall & Spring Cleanups

    Our fall and spring cleanups can keep any yard looking great with edging and cleaning of all beds, de-thatching lawn areas, removal of winter debris and preparation of seasonal perennials in the spring, and the removal of all debris and leaves, cutting of perennials, raking beds, and short-cutting the lawn in the fall.  This basic approach keeps your lawn healthy with a minimum of cost.

    Professional Mulching Delivery & Installation

    MEB Landscaping offers a mulching service that includes weeding and preparation of the bed areas followed by an application of premium bark mulch. It is the ideal way to keep your flower beds weed-free and healthy all season long.


    Proper fertilization is a critical component to a healthy lawn and MEB Landscaping  offers a comprehensive six-step program to keep your lawn looking great all season — and protected year-round. Our applications include two crabgrass treatments, grub control with fertilizer, post-emergent weed control with fertilizer, winter fertilizer and an application of lime for maximum soil health.

    Shrub & Tree Trimming

    One of the more difficult tasks for home landscapers is the proper trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs. Improperly done, it can be damaging to the plants and dangerous to the equipment operator. MEB Landscaping has well-trained, fully equipped crews that can keep ornamental shrubs, trees and plants looking tip-top without stressing your budget. Let us help you achieve the look you want.

    Aerating & Seeding

    Revitalizing an existing yard and keeping root systems healthy requires know-how — and some TLC. MEB Landscaping does aeration and overseeding to maximize the lush, green look of your lawn. Our process involves pulling plugs of soil from the lawn to promote root strength and to allow fertilizer and water to reach the root system. We also spread seed to fill in thin areas and improve the overall density of the lawn.

    MEB Maintenance

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    Spring Cleanups

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    Fall Cleanup

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    Aeration and Over-seeding

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    With MEB Landscaping you can sit back and relax, and spend your time on the things you love while our hardworking crew keeps your yard looking beautiful all year long!